B45 Academy

B45 Academy Teams

As we continue to develop our travel baseball and softball programs, each will consist of a three-tier structure. We want to ensure that our young athletes are placed on the appropriate team for their skill level as well as the time and financial commitment that best suits each family.

At B45 Academy, we value hard work in the off season and during the season. Our goal is to create complete athletes. We will offer a wide range of training options including speed and agility, strength and conditioning, mental coaching, hitting, pitching, and fielding lessons, video analysis, college recruitment options, and throwing velocity programs.

Multiple package options will be available; options are as follows:

1st Tier

  • Travel to prestigious PBR Showcases and tournaments
  • PGF, ASA Softball showcases and tournaments
  • Paid coaching
  • Exposure to colleges and professional teams.

2nd Tier

  • Travel along the I-94 corridor.
  • BPA, USSSA, and Gameday tournaments 
  • NSA, USSSA, and Gameday Softball tournaments 
  • Experienced Coaching 
  • Exposure to colleges.

3rd Tier

  • Local tournaments
  • Emphasis on fundamentals, mechanics, and skill improvement 
  • Play in local leagues 
  • Experienced Coaching.

We maintain a high standard of expectation for all staff members at B45 Academy. Each of our trainers are highly qualified, passionate individuals with an extensive knowledge of the game.